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Who gives this snow? (My son’s account) 「誰が雪を降らせるか」―長男の話(英語)

Thursday, December 28th, 2006

My older son was very excited to see the snow falling down today. He kept saying aloud, “I love snowy days, ’cause I get to make snow men and play outside!” with his twinkling eyes. He just could not wait to go outside to taste the first snow (It was the second snow in the season, but today was a real “snowy” day.)


あしたの国ルドルフ・シュタイナー学園小学校 New Waldorf school in Japan -Japanese

Tuesday, December 19th, 2006




死から学ぶ命の尊さ(友人の子供達の話から) Lessons from life and death (My friend’s children’s story) -Japanese

Friday, December 15th, 2006


Tree spirits (my son’s story)

Wednesday, December 13th, 2006

My older son (5 year old) told me a story in the car on our way home from his kindergarten today. We were talking about his trip to the nearby forest with his class. Then he started:
“So, do you know there is a spirit (kami-sama in Japanese) in every tree?”

Full moon meditation in September

Saturday, December 9th, 2006
September 8, 2006

From an email message to full moon meditation participants in September

What a nice circle of people we had! Wonderful!
I also enjoy the mixture of our backgrounds, (cultural, not to mention) students with various focus, an opera singer, a tour guide, a hotel business person, engineers,
a house wife, a yoga teacher, mothers and fathers and chidren : ) !!!
I love yoga as it brings people from all walk of life.
Thank you very much for coming and sharing your beautiful presence!!

Did you see the full moon?
I could not help seeing the shining moon around 1:00 am. I heard it was a special
full moon as the moon, the sun and the earth allinged in one line and actually it
was a moon eclipse (by 20%)!

Conscious pregnancy training 2007

Saturday, December 9th, 2006

Some people asked me about maternity yoga teacher training I did.

You can also take it and learn for yourself or teach it!
(to officially teach, you also have to take a teacher training level 1)


Yoga-inspired movement class.

Saturday, December 9th, 2006
December 13, 2006
1:30 pmto2:10 pm
Dear our mama & baby yoga friends

Last week after the baby yoga, we were
discussing about a yoga-inspired movement
class. For those toddlers who are outgrown from a guiet
baby massage and yoga, why don’t we try this fun movement
class together for a while?

We will do it this week and then NO Class next week (20th),
and then again 27th on.

Wed. 1:30-2:10

Stretchy yoga warm-up movements
Fun active movements with our toddlers
Closing postures
Closing song and mantra

Bring comfy clothes, a bottle of water,
6 euro

Sat Nam,

Full Moon Meditation in December

Saturday, December 9th, 2006
December 5, 2006
6:00 pmto9:00 pm


Dear yoga friends

You are all invited to the full moon meditation
(women’s circle-  new!) on Tuesday, Dec. 5!
It is not too long: Come and refresh your energy, 

feel calm for a good night sleep, and feel the deep 
connection with other women! Enjoy the grace of women. 
From my teacher training I went last week,
I learned how important to have a sisterhood.
With gender roles’ changing, single cell families
getting a norm, women could feel isolated or
need to be more competitive due to the work world’s
We need a new type of women’s connection,
different from the one we once had in old days,
to support each other.
So here is a chance in Dresden:
When: Tue, Dec 5 18:45~19:15
Where: Waldparkstr. 13/5
              For free
To bring: Comfy clothes, cushion or towel
Nice yogi tea will be served afterwards.
Boys can hang around in the living room with
my 3 boys for a men’s circle.
Pls. reply by Dec 3 Sunday.
Hope to see many happy faces next week!

ps. I will put out some clothes to give away
(size probably 36-40). come a little earlier or stay longer
to check them out!  
If you have any other women friend, they are
more than welcomed to come.
Any question, call me 314-6819 or email me.
Look forward to seeing you!
Have a nice week!
Sat Nam,
Baby & mama yoga: Wed. 11:30-12:30
yoga inspired movement class: Wed. 13:30-14:00

女性性・男性性のバランス クンダリー二・ヨガ・ティーチャー・トレーニングの体験より Integrating Yin & Yang energy (Japanese)

Friday, December 8th, 2006


クンダリー二ヨガとの出会いはトロントでティーチャートレーニング中の人が自分の学びのためにも安く教えているからと、友人に連れられて2,3回いったこと。その時、夫といって体から痛みがとれたことで、このヨガは効くかもと思いました。ある日ヨガ後の食事まで頂いた時、大先生に給仕してもらって「すみません」といっていたら、「先生は生徒さんに仕えるのが務め。」と笑顔で返されて感動したことを覚えています。オタワに引っ越してからは、マタニティ・ヨガ・クラスがクンダリー二・ヨガでした。 (more…)