Conscious pregnancy training 2007

Some people asked me about maternity yoga teacher training I did.

You can also take it and learn for yourself or teach it!
(to officially teach, you also have to take a teacher training level 1)

coming from USA to teach in Vienna in Feb-May 2007 (Engl/German).
My friend is cordinating it and I might also come to assist her.
So anybody interested, let’s go together.

This training totally changed how I see the pregnancy and birth
and contributed to my wonderful pregnancy+birth experience.
So, I highly recommend it!!!

Plus, if you can not find the babysitter, I am thinking about
babysitting little children. let me know.

Please have a look at:

If you have any questions regarding the training you can send
an email to
Tarn Taran Kaur : or
susana/ Sat Kirn :

The reduced fee is until 10th Jan.

Sat Nam,
Aya Ek Ong Kar KAur

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