Full moon meditation in September

September 8, 2006

From an email message to full moon meditation participants in September

What a nice circle of people we had! Wonderful!
I also enjoy the mixture of our backgrounds, (cultural, not to mention) students with various focus, an opera singer, a tour guide, a hotel business person, engineers,
a house wife, a yoga teacher, mothers and fathers and chidren : ) !!!
I love yoga as it brings people from all walk of life.
Thank you very much for coming and sharing your beautiful presence!!

Did you see the full moon?
I could not help seeing the shining moon around 1:00 am. I heard it was a special
full moon as the moon, the sun and the earth allinged in one line and actually it
was a moon eclipse (by 20%)!

NO wonder the energy was strong and the thunder came and all that.
The photos I took had interesting bubbles floating in the air (it happens in our yoga room a lot). This time, there were a lot of lozenge shaped ones (hishi-gata in Japanese)!! It seems they reprent the contrasted energy (hot and cold, sun and rain, female & male etc.) which also might be related to the eclips.

Also, that thunder hit right in front of us was sort of nature’s response to our meditation!? The air was very sensitized under this kind of circumstance
and I wondered the electromagnetic field created by group meditation could trigger some interesting effect … Don’t know all this physics, but who knows?

we just don’t notice how much we are intertwined with the nature, and not only affected by the natural activities, but also we are influencing the mother earth, too.
After all, we all share space, air that we breath. It is like if one drip of water jamps into the pond, the ripples influence the whole water.

Anyway, those who are interested coming to the yoga, let me know.

Thank you for reading this to the end,

Have a great weekend!
Sat Nam,

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