New year’s day - the message 2007年新たな願い(英語)

We had a fantastic start of th 2007 thanks to our great friends in Berlin.

On the new year’s day, we saw the movie, “The secret”.
The key theme is “thoughts become things”.

It is a documentry style with interviews”
(reminds me of the other movie, “What the bleep do we know?”)

The positive thinking is not enough. The image with the whole sensation in the body including feelings is important. It is exactly same as what I read in the other powerful book, “Anastasia”.

It is of course related to yoga training…everybody in the different fields say the same thing, I feel.

The effect of the movie was so powerful that my husband and I felt very uplifted. It touched me deeply and I cried by thanking my friends after the movie.

There were the massive fireworks around the lake at our freinds’ at midnight. Friends had gone to the lake but my husband and I stayed behind as our kids slept. Then I thought, we need to go. We jumped off to initially just to see them from the front yard. Then, I said, “Let’s run and see them at the lake!” We dashed through the fire crackers hand in hand and reached the lake. When I finally saw all the lights with extradinary noizes, I had tears…may the whole humanity be awakened this year…the words come out of my mouth.

After I came back, I could not help reading the special mantra that I usually cite every morning by wishing the humanity’s awakening wholeheartedly.

People started to come back but I continued on. When I finished, I circled around to hug and say, “Happy new year” to everybody. My friend said, “It was just perfect that you were reading that. It was just right.” The other said, “It was so nice to hear your praying. I just liked to hearing it. It was very touching. Thank you.”

We had had a nice potluck dinner at new year’s eve. I cooked typical Japanese new year’s eve’s dish, Toshi-koshi-soba, buckwheet noodle (wishing long healhty life). My husband had prepared Sushi. Children were shooting fireworks outside. Eating noodle with four other German and Canadian families, it reminded me of the time that all my families gather at my grandparents house for the new years’ eve (it is special family reunion time in Japan like Christmas here). There was a warm sense of family though I did not know many of them.

In the beatiful space of love my friends had created, I realized that what I really want is having a smile coming from deep inside. Just being totally deeply content all the time…what I really wish for is that. Not the achievement…not what I do. Then I felt a load off from the sholders. However, it is also not just superficial “yeah, I am happy!” which vanishes right away. So I keep this image of a deep smile in me for the year of 2007.

As the Japanese proverb says,
“What you get on the new year’s day is
what you get for the new year.”
(Gantan no kei was ichi-nen no kei).

I toally believe this proverb! We had an amazing new year’s day.

I am very greatful for having met this kind of great family friends to share moments of special time. We just had to share the energy of happiness and pass it on…so we invited our friends to have another new year’s Japanese dinner the next day at our house. I had never cooked like that before. My family back home should be surprised :)

May all our collective wish for peace manifest in the world,

Sat Nam,
Aya Ek Ong Kar K.

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