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MyHolisticConnection.com » Blog Archive » Energy shift during the England trip  不思議なイギリスの旅

Energy shift during the England trip  不思議なイギリスの旅

We were in England for 5days at the beginning of October. My husband had arranged interesting places to visit thru London: Bath-roman healing bath with the Goddess mythology, Stonehenge, the area of crop circle, Lacock where Pride and prejudice and Harry Potter were shot- it is said that in this area people find the UFO the most-, and Gladstonbury the place for spiritual pilgrimage to Tor and the world peace garden, Chalice Well.

Boy, did I enjoy talking with anybody whenever I wanted, understanding everything, and most of all, dropping by at the book stores and savoring English esoteric books! I realized how much I missed the feeling of picking up and skimming thru the books that I felt attracted to and finally buying them (as I had not done it here in Germany).

As much as I enjoyed everything in English, I also realized not understanding everything was also a blessing. I was actually protected from information overload! As I walked everywhere in England, yes, I understood everything from the posters, news on TV, to the conversation between other people. Without really paying attentions, my eyes caught titles of the movies on the posters, get impressions from the visual images, started to read advertisement in the London subway (Advertisement does work like this after all), and read newspaper in the train juat because it was there and my mind got into all the unnecessary emotional reactions about everything I read. My ears heard the conversation of people walking on the streets just passing by…these information just creeps into my world and takes away my attention! I became drained.

Being exposed to this kind of environemnt all the time, no wonder sensitive children these days are labeled with ADHD. The whole society is ADHD. If there are people who don’t get it, they must be totally shielded themselves not to feel anything. We can not drug kids for this. There should be a better way. This overload must be changed or special technique must be learned to protect themselves from this too much stimulation.

Same things happen in the mind…getting all kinds of chuttering thoughts running through all the time. It is overloaded unless you know how to restrict them in some ways, such as any form of contemplative practices. Otherwise, you will be dictated by these thoughts and go crazy!

Coming Bath was better. It suited our family’s pace. I felt I could breathe there. Strolling down the Walcott street where there were many artistic stores, and stopping by at the organic store…I was especially moved by the Roman bath. How ancient people combined the local goddess and Roman Goddess mythology together for this mysterious healing water…and how people back then also cherished the change of seasons, which could be seen on the stone wall. I felt deep connection with them over time and space. This same feeling occured when I was at the Stonehenge and learned that the sunlight of the summer solstice beams through the stones and shines the center. I felt awe even though I was shivering in the cold weather with a headache.

Everywhere I went, I meditated for a short time and tuned my energy in. When we were at the Tor, my husband and our older son crushed for a trivial matter. My older son came to me for a help with full of anger. I first tried to calm him with words and started to get frustrated as it was not going anywhere. I told him, “OK, now. I don’t want to yell at you with anger. Wait, I need to meditate. Maybe God will tell me the good idea.” and lied down on the grass and started the mantra meditation. After a while, he sat down and waited quietly. When I arose, I noticed my temptation to rationalize things and tell him, but I held his shoulders and kept silence. He would not want the explanation but acceptance. Then, out of the blue, I started to talk about the history of the Tor. He was listening attentively and asked me questions once in a while. In the end, he jumped up and said, “Mama, let’s find the box to give money to help Tor fixed.” and ran off.

The ashram we stayed in Gladstonbury (www.shekinashram.org) welcomed us warmly. There were Indian goddesses, Buddah head in the garden, Tibetian peace bells outside and many quotes from all world leaders on the walls. This non-demoninational ashram represented to me the world of peace beyound the different spiritual paths. They offered a silent meditation and yoga with a vegan food, which was great. I also enjoyed the meditation with a group of 30-40 local people there. I didn’t know any of them, except the staff and my husband. The mantra they used was not quite the same with the ones I knew but it did not matter. Beyond the differences on the surface, there is the same yarning of the soul. It was nice to join the energy together. That was all it mattered. It was powerful.

On the last two days, my health condition seemed worse. When I woke up on the last day, I told my husband, “I need to go to this silent meditation!” and off I went. That 45 minunte silent meditation was excellent. It worked out perfectly as my husband wanted to climb Tor again. He took two boys with him. It gamve me the time to do yoga by myself after meidation and enjoy the silent breakfast. Then I wrote down all the nice quotes from Dalai Lama and Albert Einstein on the kitchen wall. Stillness came back. I just bathed in the sunshine outside until my boys were back.

My older son jumped in and pulled my hand, by saying, “Mama, there is a baby cow! You gotta come and see this.” We hurried to the hill at the gateway to the Tor path. There were a mama cow nursing a baby in the morning sunshine. Then I saw our younger son running down the hill and falling down. Without crying, he picked himself up and started to let himself run down again toward me. My husband was joyfully talking with the family with 2 children as he strolled back. They all seemed to have had a great time. I thought, my choice true to the soul also gives freedom to others to choose theirs.

The cold slowed me down to make me stay in the body. Before I went there, I had had many things in my mind. As if all these thoughts were drained out of my head and streaming down, my head was heavy and I felt it was covered with the clouds or something- felt clogged. Somehow, during the trip, energy shifted. After I came back, eventhough I was still sick, I felt light and my spirit was high. That heavy energy seemed to have left me and I feel I can
concentrate more on the life here and now and go with the flow again. I am greatful to this opprtunity given, called life.

Love from Dresden,
Sat Nam,
Aya/Ek Ong Kar Kaur

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