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Connecting again.

In May 2007 I had to break my toe so that I could meet someone very extraordinary… I was in Hamburg on a weekend-long seminar about initiation. We were around 30 people who gathered from Berlin, Hannover, and Hamburg. While playing a fairly active tag game out in a field, I misjudged my body’s momentum while making a sharp turn on my right foot, and oops the little toe gave up on me and snapped in a first joint.
The pain and the swell kicked in later that same evening after I left the seminar room. I tied the broken toe to the rest of my toes with a largest band-aid I could find

in the medicine box and tried not to use the front part of my right foot much on my way out of the washroom. I sat myself on a sofa next to R. and A. who seemed to be involved in some kind of ritual. R. was flapping his right hand up and down as if grabbing something invisible and then releasing it. A. was sitting with her eyes closed and receiving this treatment in silence. After they were done, R. turned to me and said:
“I can try to help you with your foot, but you have to ask me for it, that’s the way healers work”.
 ”OK”, I said, “R. could you look what’s up with my right foot, then? Will I need to go to a doctor?”.
He proceeded and the feeling of heat from his hand first replaced the feeling of my pain in its intensity, then this feeling swooshed out of my foot leaving it numb but painless like a tooth after a shot of anesthetic. “You are fine for now, but you have to go to doctor 1st thing on Monday”, said R…
I met R. again in summer in an organic farming village set out in beautiful French Alps close to Grenoble, where we were together on a concluding week of ANS training. This time we could talk much more. He shared his story about his path to healing arts he has started 2 years ago. R. intuitively knew that he was born to live a teacher’s archetype, as he has realized himself as a dancing teacher and later on as a law consultant always acting to achieve a win-win result.
After visiting the two largest palm leaf (Nadi) libraries in India several years ago and having his destiny repeated twice to him word-in-word, he has had a clear realization about what to do next.  Actually, the Nadi libraries are thousands of years old… fingerprint databases on palm leaves. Unlike some other valuable written resources dedicated to health and lifestyle these astrological texts have not gone into oblivion. 

It is said that regardless of his or her birthplace, seeking souls will come at a prescribed age to have their destiny read out to them. Knowing about one’s destiny, a person may choose to act upon it…
The trip to India has opened a new dimension for R. He has found himself going around the world on assignments given to him during his daily meditations. The gift of new faculties and the striking reality of these trips urged R.’s inquisitive mind  to explore healing arts, as well as some of the  lineages available through religion, initiation, or spiritual training…
Last Saturday I drove to visit R. at his place. I could appreciate his sense for art as I have noticed several rare originals. But the most significant collection was coming from nature and it was all in his living room. The four large crystals in corners of the room and the double-pointed quarz crystal on a wooden table in the middle of the room created an energy mandala, which was gradually taking over my body’s subtle energies. While browsing through his collection of smaller minerals and listening to his explanations I told R. about a blue mineral which I came across in summer. Holding that stone in my hands created a pleasant feeling in my heart center. Unfortunately I could not acquire it at that time. Hearing what I said, R. produced a giant crystal of aquamarine and handed it to me.
Holding the crystal with its “male” part up produced a slight light-headedness in me, which rapidly grew into a dizzy feeling similar to the one a person gets after a lengthy hyperventilation. Not able to bear this overflow of energy from the three lower chakras, I gave the aquamarine back to R. and hurried myself out of the room.
… into yet another room. I could not help noticing the symbolism that was so abundant in this space. It was about family, about male-female polarities. On the floor near the window there was a cluster of pointy quarz rays with the most unusual horizontal double-ended crystal naturally embedded on top of the cluster. How could nature produce such a giant formation defying the laws that guide crystal growth? Where did the crystal seed come from being so far from the sandstone substrate? “It is my generator!” –  said R. noticing my interest…
We had many interesting conversations over the weekend. The feeling of connectedness has stayed with me long after. I am looking forward to my next encounter with R.
Sat Nam, Vlad

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