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Expanding creativity.

chan·nel·ing        (chān’e-lĭng)  Pronunciation Key 
n.   The act or practice of serving as a medium through which a spirit guide purportedly communicates with living persons.


The definition above comes from the American Heritage Dictionary, it has the three “hooks”, namely Medium, Communicate, Guide which perfectly capture the successive essence of expanding on one’s own creativity which I have experienced in 2007 during one of my ANS  KY seminars. 

It all started with a good KY shake-up on Friday night led by K.S.. The energy sprang up unexpectedly and hit the back of my neck (medium).  The following morning started with an early Sadhana. I needed to complete a writen assignement that day and thought about it for some time before Sadhana, then let go of it as I was gradually entering Sadhana’s meditative state (communication).  After  the sunrise, I felt compelled (guidance) to take my notebook and jot down a scheme of an unusual idea that would become the starting point of my written assignment.

Here is a story written later that morning. It is based on the 10 Sikh Gurus numerology lecture, which is quite specific to Sikh religion. One of the best numerology books for me remains Dan Millman’s book “living the life you were born to live”
 …Once upon a time there was a statistician named Jack. His life-path led him to a Kundalini master who spoke to Jack’s heart. Savoring the presence of Master, Jack’s heart felt there was a profound realization, almost an enlightment… but strangely enough, when he really thought about it he felt he hadn’t register a thing, in fact he didn’t even remember a single word the Master had spoken to him… A great despair creeping up on him, Jack notices that he has jotted down one word on a “Ten Gurus Numerology” hand-out sheet of paper. This word is a key to the wisdom passed on by Master as Jack’s mind sees it, and he is determined to apply his mind and Numerology to recover what his heart has heard.


This one word scribbled on a Numerology hand-out sheet was



Jack started by counting up all letters - 10. Then Jack counted “Ahhs” and “Ohhs”- 1 each. There were “Nas” and “Tas”- 2 each. And finally, there were “I” – 4.


Then Jack looked in his hand-out sheet for reference, and he wrote down:


Number 10. Guru Gobind Singh. Courage. Totality. 100% commitment. Exceeding social expectations.

Number 4. Guru Ram Das. Meditative mind seeing beyond positive and negative.

Number 2: Guru An gad. Fear, longing to belong beyond birth and death. Duality is the reason for our sufferings.

Number 1: Guru Nanak. Starting point of reference, origin, seed, where heart and head exist in harmony.


10 =”A” + “O” + 2*”T” + 2*”N” + 4*”I”

Oh I see now, said Jack: “… My life’s Ahhs and Ohhs brought me to seek the harmony between head and heart, so that the cycle of “Ta-Na” can be conquered and the “I”, the true self could emerge from Meditative mind seeing beyond negative or positive. And I need 100% commitment and courage to do this!”


Jack felt an ultimate satisfaction as his heart resonated with the words he wrote. Never before has his mind given him such a gift.





…“Master the Mind, not Mind the Master” – were the words of the Master…

Sat Nam, Vlad






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