Family yoga camp in Japan, July 21-23, 2009

Kundalini Yoga Family Camp in Ikoma, Japan 2009

We are happy to announce that the first Japanese Kundalini yoga camp

will be held at the Ikoma mountain this summer!  Your whole family

can enjoy yogic healthy camp with certified Kundalini yoga teachers

(American/Japanese). Are you:

* looking for the yoga experience in the nature?

* interested in integrating the yogic healthy life style?

* searching for something different this summer ?

               * ready to make more yoga friends in other areas? 

Time:      July 21 Tue. 15:00- July 23 Thur. 15:00

Place:     Kundalini yoga center   2313-395 Nabata-cho,

                Ikoma city, Nara Pref. 630-0231 Japan

                          Kintetsu-Nara Line, Ikoma station. Take  the Cable car (0743-73-2121)

                         1 min. walk  from the station to Kasumigaoka.  Then walk 1min. to the center


                 Kundalini yoga classes              

               Childrens’ program ( 4+.  0-3 can join with an adult)

               Games,  Camp fire,  Outdoor cooking, Hiking

                                   (depending upon the weather

                Seva (selfless service) for the group and more!



                 Adult  27000yen children(14-18) 20000 

                 (3-13) 15000yen       

                               Room (w/ your sleeping bags)   

  Adult 25000yen children(14-18) 18000 (3-13) 14000yen

Tentyour own)             

   Adult 23000yen children (14-18) 16000 (3-13) 13000yen

                   including 3 day yoga/childrens’ program fee room & board , 

                                                       excluding  transportation, health insurance fee

Register:  Golden Temple Japan   0743-73-2909 /fax 73-0029

Inquiry:    Ek Ong Kar Kaur/Aya Nozawa,

Holistic Connection:    

Transfer your money to: Kundalini Yoga Center,

Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, Ikoma branch, Futsuu (general) # 3678510

Deadline July 10. After receiving the application form and money,

the detailed info. will arrive.  Please note that after July 1st, the

transferred money cannot be returned.  There is only limited space:  

First come first serve basis!

We look forward to serving you at this camp!  

Sat Nam

Ayako Nozawa/Ek Ong Kar Kaur


Kundalini Yoga Japan Family Camp 2009 registration form

*This information will not be used for other purposes without your permission.



name  (age)  birth date   hobbies: skills

2 name   age)  birth date   hobbies: skills

3 name    age)  birth date  hobbies: skills

4 name    age)  birth date hobbies: skills


Email address:

3)Health restrictions of family members 

(your family members’ names and their symptoms) 

*When seeing the doctors, pls. get the permission to participate

Any allergy?  Who has it and to what?

4)Sports and yoga experiences of your family members

(members’ names and their experience)

5)Why did you want to participate in the camp?

What is(are) your expectation(s)?

6)Anything else we should know about:


Dear participants:

Cable car schedule;

7/21 13:00 every 40 min. onward

7/23 13:11 every 40 min. onward

What to bring:

Light gear (for yoga, preferably, natural light colored clothes),

rain gear, yoga mat or sheep skin, blanket for relaxation,

something to cover your head for yoga, bag-pack, notebook& pen,

shoes for walking, sun proof cream, hat/cap, flash light, towel

toiletary goods (environmentally friendly), bathing suits,

health insurance card;

if you like, something you need for camp fire’s presentation

 (music instrument), camera. 


What NOT to bring:

Alchol, drugs, cigaretts, meat, pets, computer games


We are not responsible for injuries and sickness during the camp,

so be preapred to look after yourself!  We look forward to having

you at the camp!


Kundalini yoga family camp staff

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