Dr. Ayako Nozawa, MA, Ed.D

Waldparkstr. 13/5,
01309 Dresden, Germany
Ph/Fax 49-(0)351-3146819


Doctor of Education (2004) Holistic & Aesthetic education, Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning, OISE/Univ. of Toronto, Canada

Master of Arts (1995) Counseling, Faculty of Education, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, USA

Bachelor of Arts (1990) Humanities, Dept. of Education, Faculty of Humanities, Sophia (Jyochi) University, Tokyo, Japan (exchange student to Univ. of Wisconsin, USA, 1988-1989)

Academic Awards/Scholarships

- OISE/Univ. of Toronto Graduate Assistantship, 9/99-8/04
- Government of Canada Awards, 9/98-8/99
- Teaching Assistantship, College of Education/Michigan State University, USA, 9/90-1/93 (Full Tuition)


- KRI certified Kundalini yoga teacher (2005)

- KRI certified Conscious pregnancy yoga teacher (2005)

- KRI Kundalini yoga teacher training/Conscious pregnancy yoga teacher training trainer intern (2009)
- Reiki (level 3) (2004)

- Professional Counselor (Michigan State, USA, 1995)

- Teacher certificate (Japan, 1990)

Work experience

2006 Founder, Holistic Connection, Dresden, Germany.
Teaching yoga classes, conducting seminars/workshops, organizing community events, projects, publications.

Jan. 2005- Kundalini yoga teacher, Dresden Germany
Teaching adult, pregnancy, baby & mama yoga classes and conducting special workshops and seminars, family camps in Germany and Japan.

Mar. 2001 Local Coordinator/Interpreter, The National Institute for Educational Research (NIER) of Japan, Japanese Ministry of Education Comparative Research
“Alternative Education and Its Support Mechanism” Canada visit.

Sep.1999-April 2001 Research Assistant, Dept of CTL, OISE/Univ. of Toronto.
Interviewing, data analysis, literature review, writing and editing research (Longitudinal research into meditation’s impact on teachers).

July.1999-Oct. 2001 Executive Committee Member, Holistic Learning conference, Oct 99, 00, .01, OISE/Univ. ot Toronto.

Marketing/advertising/ networking/deciding logistics/selecting the proposals, arranging the conference

Sept 1998.-Oct. 2000 Interpreter/Coordinator Education Overseas Studies’ school visit and practicum in Toronto for Shinwa Woman’s University, Kobe, Japan.

Mar., Sept., Nov., Dec. 1998, & Mar., & Dec. 1999 Coordinator/interpreter, Japan-Canada Anti-Bullying Project sponsored by Japanese Ministry of Education, collaborative project between Canada and Japan conferences and school visits, Toronto and Vancouver, Canada, Tokyo and Nagoya, Japan.

August 1997, 1998 Interpreter/Coordinator, International Institute of Global Education, OISE/Univ. of Toronto Summer Institute of Global Education seminar for Japanese educators, Victoria, BC.

Feb. 1995-Sept. 1997 Program Manager, Japan Foundation for Intercultural Exchange, Tokyo, Japan

-Conducted 2-week international summer camps (with home-stay program) for around 700 high school students from more than 10 countries: interviewing and analyzing
the needs of students and educators at schools and community all over Japan, developing the whole program and planning, budgeting, editing brochures and handbooks, international and domestic marketing, training, supervising and networking of staff, 20 volunteers and 3 facilitators, facilitating workshops, analyzing evaluation data, and reporting to the foundation. Developed the first
scholarship program for students from other Asian countries through UNESCO and other educational organizations.

-Designed and facilitated about 150 workshops, overnight programs and special seminar courses on intercultural education, international understanding from global and holistic perspectives for students and educators (elementary school to college level). In March & December 1997, planned, conducted and translated (Japanese/English) the Global Education Workshops in Japan by International Institute of Global Education at OISE.

-Interviewed and researched needs of organizations, developed materials and facilitator manuals/handbook, hired, trained and supervised 10 facilitators and analyzed evaluation data. Developed, facilitated and supervised stuff for upon-arrival orientations for past 180 JFIE one year high school exchange students from Oceanic and North American countries and pre-departure and re-entry orientations for 380 Japanese exchange students.

-Responsible for School Exchange Programs ‘New Perspectives: Japan (95-97)’ supported by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japanese Language Exchange (JALEX) with The Laurasian Institute, USA. Responsible for Japanese side coordination Including planning, interviewing and researching potential hosting schools, supporting domestic and inter-school negotiations, creating and editing administration and handbooks for hosting schools and giving orientation sessions for 100 American participants (elementary school students to college educators) and 20 Japanese hosting schools and analyzing evaluation data.

-Edited articles in Journal of International Education circulated among 2000 schools in Japan and related educators: edited JFIE annual newsletters (95, 96, 97).

Sept. 1993-Dec. 1994 Coordinator of Counseling and Advisement, Office of Student Services, Huron University, Tokyo

-Researched and created the first Advising System (Raised 0.2 of GPA of all students), the first Placement Support System (96.3% Placement Rate), analyzed data to report to committees, conducted staff training sessions on advising interviewed both students and potential recruiting companies and set up the computer career support system at the office.

-Taught senior level course, “Career Development and Advancement” and received Instructor of the Highest Students’ Evaluation, Spring, Summer & Fall 94.

-Counseled individuals and group (personal and academic), conducted special seminars on intercultural skills development-(re)adjustment, overseas transfer, peer counseling & internship support and placement Support.

-Active in the committee of recruitment and international students’ admissions and student club activities.

Feb. 1993-June 1993 Counseling intern, Office of Guidance Counseling, The American School in Japan, Tokyo

-Conducted new students needs assessment and ESL students needs assessment and data analysis,

-Co-taught Peer Counseling course and assisted college fair and computerized college selection system.

-Offered bilingual counseling

Sept. 1990-Jan. 1993 Elementary/Secondary Teacher, Battle Creek Japanese Saturday
School, Battle Creek, MI USA

-Taught 4-9 Japanese and Math, developed the course plan, prepared materials, evaluated students, counseled parents and students and gave parent conferences.

Apr. 1991-Dec. 1992 Counseling intern, Office of Student Services, Lakeview Junior High School, Battle Creek,MI

-Personal and academic Counseling

-Liaison between Japanese Parents and Students with schools,

-taught Japanese language and culture to American students

-coordinated Japan Exchange Mission Program (Sister School District

Presentations and Seminars.

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