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MyHolisticConnection.com » Services



  •  Kundalini Yoga* classes
    (Adult/ Pregnancy/Baby & Mama)
  •  Workshops/Seminars
  •  Special events /community projects
  • Publications
  • Healing (Reiki) sessions & Counseling
  • Boutique (CDs, gift certificates)

*For individual and corporate yoga,
contact info@MyHolisticConnection.com


  • Workshops/Seminars

Various workshops (ws) and seminars(sm)
are offered locally and internationally for a
wide range of people from parents, students
to professionals.

Past examples:

Birth preparation yoga WS (parents)
LOHAS and caring Seminar (educators)
Contemplative art WS (volunteer conference)
Meditation and teaching (graduate students)

  • Special events/ projects

Many earth/family friendly events are
open to bring everybody together:

monthly full moon meditation
solstice meditation
potluck party and ask for more..

Community projects welcome you to
Connect with others to work together:

Peace prayer day
Organic gardening/farming and more…

  • Publishing

Articles & books on related issues to
share the views and actions

  • Healing sessions & Counseling

By appointment, Reiki and counseling sessions are offered.

  • Boutique

Yoga and meditation CDs and various Gift
certificates available